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CLSID List Results
BHOs, Toolbars, SHs, Explorer Bars

CLSID Name Filename Description Status
{D3B22A92-87A2-47b6-B3E6-A64877B5C242}ToolKit toolbar.dll, toolbar4.dll, toolbar7.dll, toolbar*.dll, toolbar_v2.dll, toolbar_v*.dll (* = digit)eToolkit Toolbar, ad supported, redirects searches to their search engine, also see their eulaO TB
{5538FB62-F725-4433-A965-91314E8D8E4D}Vivisimo, Clustytoolbar.dll, toolbarme.dll, toolbar*.dll (* = digit)Vivisimo or Clusty toolbarL TB
BHO, UmileToolbar.ShowToolbarBHO
mscoree.dll (MS file!) - [codebase: %ProgramFiles%\TheDataSurfer, LLC\TheDataSurfer Toolbar\TheDataSurfer Toolbar.dll ]Toolbar bundled with software from umile.krO BHO
{5D51B4F2-CC28-4488-9AB3-BE7E40EB3293}causesToolbar.dll"Causes Toolbar" - a Softomate/Besttoolbars Toolbar variant - Softomate customizes toolbars to customers needs. The dll files for their toolbars contain some spyware/adware functionality, although not all of the toolbars use this. Some of the toolbars are fine to have, so every case is different. Your choice.O TB
{9E9EE126-07BD-4FBA-B8D4-B99CA35FA4D3}FCTBPos00PosToolbar.dllDog Wars MS Toobar - a FreeCause toolbar, see Privacy PolicyO BHO

Startup List Results
Startup Entry

Name Filename Description Status
hsimtoolbar.exeUnidentified MalwareX
Windowstoolbar.exeAdded by a variant of the IRCBOT Note: Located in \%WINDIR%\ Note: Use SDFix under supervision.X
removeiLividdatamngrcmd.exe /c RD /S /Q "C:\Program Files (x86)\Search Results Toolbar"Added by the Searchqu Toolbar iLivid datamngr AdWare - PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program)X
O9 List Results
Internet Explorer Buttons

CLSID Name Filename Description Status
{c23dd370-cb79-11d2-898a-00c04f80a47f}Wallpapertoolbar.htaRelated to Toolbar Wallpaper Internet Explorer. Note: Located in \%Program Files%\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\L
O18 List Results
Extra Protocols

CLSID Name Filename Description Status
{FF76A5DA-6158-4439-99FF-EDC1B3FE100C}tprotoolbar.dllIBIS toolbarX Protocol
{718733BC-AD64-4E5F-AC18-A85FBD75D54D} to RadioBar Toolbar - see privacy policy, also see WOT report.O Protocol
O16 List Results

CLSID Name Filename Description Status
{BC97B254-B2B9-4D40-971D-78E0978F5F26}SearchWWWtoolbar.cabBrowser hijacker - more hereX
{FFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF}SearchWWWtoolbar.cabBrowser hijacker - more hereX
{F4C8D591-CC23-4FC6-A152-9CD02BD017B8}SearchWWWtoolbar.cabBrowser hijacker - more hereX
FF Extensions List Results
Firefox Extension

CLSID Name Filename Description Status
downloads-toolbar-button@toolbar.orgDownloads Toolbar Toolbar Button adds a Downloads toolbar button which opens the downloads window.L to MailCheck You can use GMX MailCheck with other GMX e-mail addresses.L
avg@toolbarAVG Web TuneUp, AVG SafeGuard toolbar, AVG Security Toolbar, AVG Nation toolbaravg@toolbar.xpiAVG Web TuneUp (formerly AVG Secure Search or AVG Nation) provides Site Safety ratings, Do Not Track functionality and Browser Cleaner. Depending on the variant, different branding and search engine provider: (Yahoo), (Infospace), or (Google). Bundled with AVG programs and other third party software or installed on demand from the official websites. Note: Considered as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) due to unfair distribution methods, browser hijacking and Infospace relationship. See here, here, here. Note: Older versions: [AVG toolbar edition] in the path indicates the same names as display names and [x.x.x.x] indicates versions:,, etc. Note: Older versions: Windows Registry (machine-level) extension installed outside of the Firefox profile - no Remove button in the Add-ons Manager. Official instructions here and here.O
toolbar@alexa.comAlexa Traffic Rank, Alexa Sparky, Alexa version of Alexa Traffic Rank (formerly Alexa Sparky), providing Alexa data about the sites you visit. Note: Legit extension, but with tracking functionality (Privacy Policy). In the past, very old Alexa Toolbars were detected by some scanners as Adware.Alexa or Trackware.Alexa. Note: Newer version uses the following ID:
dev-buttons@toolbar.orgDev Buttons adds a menu toolbar button to toggle the web developer Toolbox in Firefox.L

Active Setup List Results
Active Setup - Installed Component

CLSID Name Filename Description Status
{2WX2S0KU-X570-1PI4-0247-6Q1XQR8I7W0J}(no name)toolbar.exeInfostealer trojan, detected by Microsoft as Worm:Win32/Rebhip.A - also see hereX
{16AB9DED-CBAE-1AEE-3EF9-D7FC5BC5E5BA}(no name)Google Toolbar.exeInfostealer trojan, detected by Microsoft as Worm:Win32/Ainslot.A, see hereX
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