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If the description states that it is malware, you should immediately run a trusted anti-virus and anti-spyware tool.

Item Details
Type: BHO
CLSID: {11111111-1111-1111-1111-110611311167}
Name(s): CrossriderApp0063167, HighD-V11, High-D-V11V21.09, Cinema-Plus-1.7cV14.10, CinemaXPro 1.4V28.10, CinPlus-2.7cV15.11, Cinema-Plus-1.7cV06.10, acbd1a6003650132bc69097ae66452fd0063167
Filename(s): HighD-V11-bho.dll, HighD-V11-bho64.dll, Cinema-Plus-1.7cV14.10-bho.dll, High-D-V11V21.09-bho.dll, CinemaXPro 1.4V28.10-bho.dll, CinPlus-2.7cV15.11-bho.dll, Cinema-Plus-1.7cV06.10 -bho.dll
Location: %ProgramFiles%\HighD-V11 / High-D-V11V21.09 / Cinema-Plus-1.7cV14.10 / CinemaXPro 1.4V28.10 / CinPlus-2.7cV15.11 / Cinema-Plus-1.7cV06.10
Description: Crossrider cross-browser plugin, often bundled with third party software or part of an adware bundle - detected as Adware.CrossRider and by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware as "PUP.Optional.CrossRider" or "PUP.Optional.HDPlus.A"

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