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The classification of this entry is open to debate.

It may offer or exhibit borderline or questionable behavior. Read the description for more details.

Item Details
CLSID: {91da5e8a-3318-4f8c-b67e-5964de3ab546}
Name(s): ZoneAlarm Security Toolbar, CCC001 Toolbar
Filename(s): tbZone.dll, tbZon0.dll, tbZon1.dll, tbZon2.dll, prxtbZone.dll, prxtbZon0.dll, prxtbZon1.dll, prxtbZon2.dll, prxtbZon3.dll
Location: %ProgramFiles%\zonealarm_security
Description: ZoneAlarm Security Toolbar - a Conduit "Community Toolbar" - redirects searches to Conduit toolbars are also reputed to have a certain trackware functionality and will often come bundled with various third party software - remove unless you wittingly installed it and intend it to be there.

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