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This is a valid entry, but is classified as 'user's choice'.

It may not be needed, but that depends on whether the user deems it necessary.

Item Details
Name: Mgabg
Filename: Mgabg.exe
Description: Matrox BIOS Guard - monitors a Matrox card's BIOS, and will reflash it when needed. Cards like the G400 have a nasty habit of losing their BIOS, especially on poor power supplies. If you make an emergency BIOS disk with the utility in their BIOS package, you can disable Mgabg.exe and just use the crash disk if/when needed.
Located in \%WINDIR%\%System%\

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This is a Startup entry, not a running process - although it may be visible in Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) if it continues running after startup. Before ending a process via CTRL+ALT+DEL just because it is listed as an "X", please check whether it's actually set to start using MSCONFIG or another tool.

Some bad startup entries use the same names as common Windows processes, and it may be difficult to distinguish between them in Task Manager. If in doubt, seek advice before doing anything.

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