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The classification of this entry is currently unknown.

It has not yet been classified, or helpers are currently looking for a copy of the file to test. Please see the description.

Item Details
Name: VistaDrive
Filename: VistaDrive.exe
Description: Related to VistaDrive Found on Windows XP. The purpose is to give you Vista like functionality in My Computer replacing the default hard drive icons with ones that resemble Vistas.
Located in \%WINDIR%\VistaDrive\
This file is reported as malware or bad by many. Make sure you check your version at Virus total if it gives you some problems.

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This is a Startup entry, not a running process - although it may be visible in Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) if it continues running after startup. Before ending a process via CTRL+ALT+DEL just because it is listed as an "X", please check whether it's actually set to start using MSCONFIG or another tool.

Some bad startup entries use the same names as common Windows processes, and it may be difficult to distinguish between them in Task Manager. If in doubt, seek advice before doing anything.

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