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This entry is classified as legitimate.

It is either part of a legitimate program or the operating system itself. Removal is not needed.

Item Details
Type: TB
CLSID: {2C0A5F28-48D8-408B-9172-9C6121025BCE}
Name(s): Cox Popup Blocker. BigPond Security Popup Blocker, BT Internet Security Pack Popup Blocker. Clearwire Security Suite Popup Blocker
Filename: PopupBHO01.dll
Location: %ProgramFiles%\Cox\Applications\App, %ProgramFiles%\Bigpond\Security\App, %ProgramFiles%\BT\ISecP\App, %ProgramFiles%\Clearwire\CSS 3.0\App
Description: Authentium ESP security software browser plugin, used by a number of ISPs, such as Comcast, Cox, TBayTel and so on

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