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This entry is classified as malware, spyware, adware, or other potentially unwanted software.

If the description states that it is malware, you should immediately run a trusted anti-virus and anti-spyware tool.

Item Details
Type: BHO
CLSID: {1FBC6925-90A0-404E-83E6-F0FBCC7AD034}
Name: SVC plugin
Filename(s): apsaps.dll, apunbegy.dll, oddogy.dll, apsagy.dll, ikdogy.dll, iksaxu.dll, odsagy.dll, odunbegy.dll, other filenames made up from the following fragments: ap, od, ik, na, do, unbe, gy, ps, xu
Location: %WINDIR%
Description: Parasite redirecting to fake security sites, member of the FakeAlert aka SmitFraud malware family - produces IEDefender , FilesSecure , MalwareBell , IE_Antivirus or similar popups - also see here

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